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Luxury Control Harness

A unique all in one body harness, made in beautiful leather and features, a high neck posture collar, which has an adjustable buckle strap at the rear.

A large D ring, and O ring at the front, and two large jingle bells, so you will always be heard!

The adjustable strap at the center attaches to the wide fitting bondage waist belt, that has D rings on either side which the leather cuffs are hooked onto and locked securely. (Please note the padlocks are not included)

At the rear of the harness, there are two wide leather straps that criss cross over the shoulder, with adjustable straps, that are attached to the bondage waist belt, that also has two adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

The harness is decorated with silver flat studs.

Great for wearing out to fetish clubs and events as well as for a hot scene at home.

This harness is Made-to-Measure. Please store your height, collar, chest, waist and hips sizes first in your shop account before ordering.

Luxury Control Harness

Luxury Control Harness

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