The quick and easy way to make some money with us! Simply link to our shop web site with a special code identifying you, and earn up to 15% commission on every sale!
Here is how to setup your account with us (it is 100% FREE!) Step 1 - Visit

Enter your email address and choose a profile name.
Wait for the email sent from our site to you to activate your profile name.
Step 2 - if your profile name you selected is, for example, wendy then the URL you use to make money is shown below:


Place your web link to our shop in as many places as you can across the internet. Or use graphics on your web site to link to us! (some nice graphics you can use are shown below)

Testing your link: You can test to see if your link is correct by clicking on it and looking at the bottom of the shop page. Before the copyright notice, you should see your profile name and a number after it. Add items to the shop cart to see this number change. For example 24.07, shows the shop order is for $24.07 dollars, from which your commission is calculated.

Step 3 - to check your earnings, log into your profile at

You will also be notified by email when a shop commission is made, and when the shop order is shipped.

Payments are made monthly to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid? We pay to PayPal or Payoneer accounts.

How do I know if I am owed money? You will receive an email and a mailbox message into your account every time a shop sale is made from a link generated by you. You will then receive a second email and a mailbox message if the shop order is accepted or declined.

How often do you pay out? We pay monthly, or when your money due reaches $20.

How do I see my hits traffic, and sales? Log in to your BirchPlace profile and use the menus to go to Money->MakeMoney->Shop Promo. Or use this direct link:

What is the level of shop commission? 10% commission = up to $1000
15% commission = over $1000
Please note that we get many large orders, of well over $1000!

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